Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is summer over?

I set out to take a break in July from blogging because I had so much going on. But then  it turned into an extended holiday!  (I know, I know I said holiday, but I swear I'm American! I've just been watching a lot of International House Hunters lately)  Friday was First Friday in Downtown Greensboro.  I've been meaning to post pictures of my booth with the lights on but this was the first time I remembered to take a picture!

This past Friday I unveiled my newest creation, silhouette portraits on plates.  The kids all loved the pink one because it looked like Barbie.  Of course then there was the one lady that started talking about how our kids are brainwashed because they thought the plate looked like Barbie.  I have to say that  although I made the portrait up from my head I had her silhouette in mind when I did it.

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