Thursday, October 11, 2012

Main Street Cake Shoppe

I stopped into Just Pizza here in Gibsonville to pick up some empty pizza boxes.  What you say? Empty pizza boxes?  Thats right EMPTY!  But thats another story.  This place is owned by a husband and wife team, Mark and April.   The pizza is great!  They put all the toppings on and then the cheese and let me tell you they don't skimp on the cheese.  Its the perfect place for a cheese addict like me.  April also happens to run a bakery out of the pizza shop too called Main Street Cake Shoppe!  What better than pizza and cake!  While I was there I noticed that they pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes!  Every time I've gone in for pizza I've been able to control myself and stick to the diet (ignore the fact that I was picking up pizza).  However, any time I see pumpkin anything I have to try it!
I have heard about how awesome April's cakes are so I figured it was a brilliant excuse to fudge the diet...or would that be cupcake the diet?  Plus since I'm writing about it then its kinda my job right?  And I can totally write off my cupcake! 

These cute little cupcakes come in a Chinese takeout box so no wasting icing on a tiny box!  
It was killing me to take photos because all I wanted to do was eat the darn thing!  I was not dissapointed!  I was shocked by my first bite because the cake was so dense and moist!  It literally was like eating pumpkin pie!  If I hadn't taken the cupcake away from my mouth to double check and make sure it was cake I never would have known!  It was just that moist, dense, and delicious!

So go check it out because its Amber Approved!  :)

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