Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lots of Drawing at the Burlington Carousel Festival

One good thing about a slow festival is that it gives me plenty of time to draw!

This is the antiques tent across from mine.  Plus a gun at the bottom that I was going to use to put myself out of my misery it was so hot!

These were all inspired by people walking by

Jenny in purple and one of the vendors across from us.

There was lots of doggies

Mucha left, Brian at the top, Anna right, Me bottom right, Faith bottom left

This one is from Brian's weightlifting competition from the weekend before.

The drive to the competition

People at the competition and the lightbulb!  that stinkin' lightbulb.  There are 3 judges and each has a light bulb.  If they hit the red bulb it means the lift doesn't count, if the white bulb then its good.  I was about blind by the end ( i was sitting right behind it)


  1. Amber, Nice sketches. Sorry the festival wasn't so great. I cracked up at the gun, though.. I know the feeling so well! Keep that sense of humor, Girl! You're gonna need it in this business! :D

  2. Ha ha! Thanks Laura! Congrats on winning at your last show!