Saturday, February 12, 2011

I got this cool original!

So I was at Michaels Crafts a couple of months ago and the cashier told me that this piece on the wall was one of hers.  They had put it in a custom frame as advertising for their frame department.  This week I found it out on the sidewalk in a clearance bin!  It got it for $15!  Isn't that crazy?  All that work and they stuck it out on the sidewalk.  The girl that drew it was pregnant and now shes either quit or is on baby leave.  Either way I would have been mad had they done a piece of my work that way.  The upside....I got a really cool piece of art.  The only thing is, its not signed :(


  1. Great find Amber. Good thing you paid off your debt, or you wouldn't have been able to buy it. ;-) What's the medium? Is it magic marker? She is lucky you got it and appreciate it!

  2. I know right! It is done with sharpie. And its a good size too. My guess would be 12x10? Looks like it took a while to do!