Monday, January 9, 2012

Some things I've learned along the way...

As probably most of you guys know, this month I'm doing a painting a day.  I have to say that without my adoring fans, I probably would have given up tonight.  But thanks to one of my most uh, colorful critics, I got off my lazy butt and went and painted.
Look how thick that paint is on the dandylion!
Back to things I've learned in the last 9 days of painting.  I was explaining to a friend of mine today that I was doing a painting a day because I wanted to get back into habit of painting.  And I felt like there was more to it than that but I couldn't figure out what it was at the time.  Tonight I figured it out!
#1. It requires planning!  and I'm not a planner so its been a learning process.
#2. It is reestablishing a painting habit.  I don't like to go a week (or more) and not paint, but the last couple of months that what had been happening.
#3. It gets rid of the idea that I have to have something "pretty" to paint.  I don't have time to think about the "perfect" thing to paint.  I have to pick something and get it no procrastinating!
#4. The past couple of years I've spent more time trying to figure out the business end of art and haven't had enough FUN painting!  This year is the year of FUN!  I'm painting because I love too, not because I'm trying to become a not starving artist :)
#5.  It releases the pressure in unexpected ways!  A great example is tonight's painting.  It isn't like my usual paintings.  I started the painting 2 times and wiped it off 2 times.  After the 3rd attempt, I started thinking what can I do differently?  What can I do thats going to make me feel good?  The answer...put a butt load of paint on it!  Its good to do something different sometimes, it keeps you from getting into a rut.

So what are you doing differently this year?  I can see myself applying the painting lessons I've learned from this month to other areas of my life.  Shake it up at bit!!!!

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