Monday, May 7, 2012

Things Faith Says

I've decided that I'm going to start posting things that Faith says here on my blog so that it will be easy for me to find later when I'm old and gray, lets face it I'm horrible about keeping up a journal!  Tonight at dinner Faith was upset because she didn't want to go to the mountain house (because it takes so long to get there (3 hours)).  So Brian says that I guess that means she can't go to the beach when we go either because that takes the same amount of time.

Faith- well then I'm just gonna barf up.
Faith-I'm gonna barf up, (she then spells)  B E E F spacebar U P.  (she literally said spacebar!)

Me and Brian are cracking up!

Brian- What does beefing up have to do with it?
Faith- Its when I have beef in my mouth and then I (insert barf sound here)
Brian- Well then you had it right when you said barf
Faith-Yeah, I know but I didn't know how to spell barf


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