Thursday, April 1, 2010

Military Wives

I have started a new series that I'm really excited about. Its called Military Wives. If you read my blog then you have unknowingly seen the first in the series.  "Don't Believe Everything She Says".
For eight years I was a Marine Corps wife and I had always wanted to paint the faces that stand behind our men.  I'm using my personal photos of actual military wives.  If you know of any wives that would like to donate their pictures please leave a comment or contact me at 

This is the second in the series I finished yesterday.  I love this one!  "Another Goodbye"  I snapped this photo the day my husband left for his second deployment.

I have one more painting that I am working on and I'm trying to rustle up some more pictures from friends of mine.  I hope to do more than 3 paintings but if I can't find the reference material then I will have to settle on 3, so if you want to send me your pictures I would love to see them!

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