Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blah Tent Problem Solved!

I participated in 2nd Saturdays yesterday at the Duke Homestead Tobacco Museum in Durham.  The night before I painted a drop cloth that I purchased at Lowes.  I do have to say that I God blessed me because a couple of days before, my mom had attempted to paint her kitchen red.  That red turned out to be a gorgeous pink!  She of course was upset but I had the perfect use for her paint!   It turns out that the pink matched my booth tablecloth!  I painted some dandelions on it and voila!  So if your looking for a way to spice up your booth maybe you should consider something like mine!  For those of you interested, a question that I get a lot at these fairs is, What did I make my weights to hold the tent down with?  I filled ziploc bags with sand and I bought matching napkins that go with my tablecloth and wrapped them around the sandbags.  Pretty simple and they are just pretty!

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