Friday, July 23, 2010

Faiths Bamatoes

I had a great day painting last week and Faith's Bamatoes was some of the awesomeness that came out of that day.  The tomatoes came straight from our backyard to my easel!  It was so much fun to not only eat them but paint them.  Now I have documentation of our very first tomatoes! 


  1. This is such a lovely use of color and marks! ....and I am totally jealous that they came from your backyard. I have tried and tried to grow tomatoes and never had good luck. Not enough sun in our yard I suppose.

  2. Thanks Polly! I didn't get very many tomatoes before the plants burnt up. Another fun thing about this painting that I forgot to write about is that the background is an apron that belonged to my husband's grandma. They just don't make fabric prints like that anymore!