Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I hate to admit that I have a day job. I wish that I could just make my living from my art but so far that hasn't happened. I'm still young though so I got time...either that or Brian needs to step it up and start making the big bucks so I can just do whatever I want! Back to having a day job, I haven't been getting very many hours so it has freed up a lot of time to draw. Which by the way I have some new pictures to put up here soon of some custom work I did last week. I got all of my Christmas artwork done and now I get to draw my friends again! I love drawing facebook pictures because there is no pressure. No one even knows that I'm drawing them so if the picture isn't working for me then nobody ever knows! The top picture is Keisha she is the girlfriend of a friend of mine from work. Look out Sean your picture might be next! The middle one is Heather a friend from back in the day....all the way back to high school. Whew, 10 years has it really been that long!?! The bottom one is me, and it may not look exactly like me but as the artist I'm allowed to make myself as pretty or not pretty as I want. Its my pencil and I'll do what I want!

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