Friday, March 19, 2010

I may be finished?

I think I may have finished this piece. I might have a little bit of ooddling to do but I felt like posting a picture so here it is! Sometimes it takes a while to know if something is finished or needs some more tweaking. When I get to a point when I'm not sure if it is done then I take a step back and look at it and look at it and look at it! I think that Brian thinks I'm crazy or maybe conceited because I'm always poking my head into my studio to check out whats on my easel. I wish I had someone around that would give me a good critique. This is your chance...what do you like, what would you change?

From the underpainting picture you can see that I edited a few things. I took out the back of the chair because it was so distracting. My eye kept going to that stinkin' chair. I also made her arm shorter. I worked on her face forever! I think I put it in and completely wiped it out about 5 times. I was really beginning to become frustrated! The good thing about all this, I'm getting my monies worth out of this wallis paper! Lacarte would have never stood up to all the abuse I've given this painting! In case you were wondering, this painting is based on a picture I took of my beautiful friend Betsey.

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