Monday, October 1, 2012

Flower TBD (found out its called a Cosmo)

I almost always do my drawing in light blue Carolina blue.  I'm really not sure why other than I just like to.  Maybe subconsciously I just want to give my Duke fan of a husband a hard time!  (for my readers who don't know Carolina and Duke go together about as good as shredded wheat and coleslaw which is another story all on its own!) 

I don't mix my colors on the palette.  I much prefer to mix my paint on the canvas.  I have worked with pastels for years (they look like chalk sticks but they are actually tiny sticks of colorful joy!) at first I had the hardest time mixing my pastels on paper but once I got the hang of it I LOVED it!  Now, I've just applied the same ideas to oil paint.  It gives the paintings depth and movement when you mix on the canvas

I loved painting this bottle.  It made the most beautiful shadow.  Just looking at these photos and writing about it makes me want to go and paint it again!

Isn't it purty?  

A close of of the bottle shows how I like to paint with texture.  I love the feel of thick paint going from my brush onto canvas or in this case board.

Finished Product!  
To be named soon! Once I figure out what type of flowers those are!  Leave a comment if you know what they are :)
Original Oil on Board
Item # 9-I-12

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