Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wedding Blue

Don't you just love blue glass?  I don't know what it is about blue glass but I think it is so purty!  Its interesting painting it too.  In most of my paintings I layer colors to mix them but with blue glass I pretty much only need French Ultramarine! This painting is currently listed on ebay here!

Lucky for me my mom still has a few roses blooming so when I went out to her house I cut one to bring home.  It has certainly been interesting finding an endless supply of flowers.  I think you all will start seeing a lot more pansy's and mums in the coming months.

 Doesn't that yellow background just make the blue pop?

This photo really represents the blue of the bottle.  I have a hard time getting the camera to get the blue right and the other colors too.  It seems its one or the other

Of course some of you may be wondering why its named wedding blue.  Its because this is a bottle from my uncle Bill's wedding.  It was a gorgeous wedding and their wedding party color was this beautiful blue!  I just loved it!  And it was such a happy occasion that I wanted to put some of that happiness in a painting.
This painting is currently available on ebay.  You can place your bid here!  All of my auctions start a one penny! 

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