Saturday, February 13, 2010

A tragic death at the Olympics

I had originally planned for this blog to always have some pictures of my art in each post. Tonight though I feel like I should comment on the poor guy that lost his life in the luge. I read an article on Yahoo which I will post here. The blogger wrote about how it was "perfectly acceptable" for NBC to show the video of the guy dying. Why would that be acceptable? I think that it is down right disrespectful to the deceased and to the family to show the video. All they had to do was cover the death with still pictures of him while he was still alive, they didn't need to show the video THREE TIMES IN SLOW MO! NBC should be ashamed of themselves! Where is our moral backbone that we feel the need to watch someone die? Have our brains become so numbed by all the fake death on tv and in movies that when someone dies a horrific death we want to see it in slow mo while we eat our popcorn? Did people change the channel or did they stick around to watch it three times and suck their teeth like they were watching Americas Funniest Home Videos and someone just got a crotch shot? I'm disgusted that the writer of the article picked the pictured they did much less that NBC showed the entire video. My heart and prayers go out the friends and family of Nodar Kumaritashvili.

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  1. I agree Amber. I didn't see the video myself, but it does seem wrong to show it on tv. I can't imagine if I was his parents, and I was afraid to even turn on the tv because I might have to watch a video of my son die in slow mo.