Tuesday, June 22, 2010


                                                                3.5x5 Coreopsis  Sold

There are lots of great things about craft fairs.  The most exciting one is selling your artwork.  There is nothing better than selling something that you have made with your own hands.  Yesterday I met a lovely lady that bought 3 originals plus a handful of handpainted original bookmarks.  This Coreopsis painting was one of them.

Another great part of being at a craft fair is meeting all kinds of people.  I got all kinds of great information from other vendors there.  Its a great place to exchange tips and help out your fellow artists.  Of course every once in a while you will run into that one artist that doesn't want to help anybody out (there wasn't anyone like that at the one that I was at Saturday).  It always perplexes me when people act that way...as if they have never needed or wanted help before.  Speaking of an awesome help...here is a great blog to check out by a helpful watercolor artist I met at a craft fair last year Laura Poss.


  1. Congratulations on your craft fair! Love the colors in your coreopsis, I can see how she snapped it up. I just realized I overlooked your comment on my blog. Thank yo so much:) I will be sure and do a post on using collage with painting. So glad you are interested.

  2. Thanks Polly! and Yea! I'm so excited to learn something new! I thought maybe I offended you. You can never tell with the internet its so inpersonal!