Monday, June 28, 2010

En Plein Air

I dropped my daughter off with my mom this morning and was smart enough to take my pastels.  I stopped at this house that I have driven past for years and just been in awe of how beautiful the yard is.  I always assumed that they planted their flowers to sell but after meeting Carolyn, the owner,  I found out that she is just crazy about flowers!  She does sell them when they multiply but that is not why she plants them. She plants them just for herself.  The pictures I posted show only a quarter of her yard!  It is absolutely amazing!  She said that she had a stroke about 3 years ago and couldn't use her arm.  She told God just kill me now if I can't use my arm in my garden.  Here she is 3 years later though, weeding away!   Talk about having a passion!  

I am pretty new to painting en plein air (its a fancy way of saying painting outside).  I have this great pastel box that my father in law made for me, shown below.  I mount it on a tripod and pack everything else in a bag and carry with me.  In my excitement this morning I forgot to pack the all important baby wipes!  Thats pretty much the only way to get your hands clean. Today was the first time that I have worked in an area that wasn't flat so I ran into a new problem....making sure I set up some place comfortable.  Without thinking I picked some pretty flowers and started painting.  About 10 minutes in I realized that I was slipping out of my flip flops.  I looked down only to notice that I was on a steep incline.  I know, know, I know I should have figured that out when I was adjusting my tripod but I didn't.  I just ended up taking lots of breaks and taking my flip flops off!  Next time I won't let the flowers distract me from the entire set up (that may be a little white lie).  I'll post pictures of what i painted soon!

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