Friday, June 11, 2010


My new favorite way to have lunch at work is a little picnic under a shade tree.  I basically work in a plant nursery so I'm outside all day.  When I go to lunch and sit inside the air conditioning for an hour I'm always miserable when I come back.  I have solved this problem by bringing a beach chair and a sheet and having my lunch in the shade.  Who would have ever thought that at work I could relax in the shade and put my feet in the grass!  Of course like any good artist I take my sketch book.  This was from my first picnic.  I traced the shadow of a leaf and a clover flower.  I added the veins in the leaf after I traced the shadow.  I was surprized at how hard it was to trace shadows.  I had to deal with my hand shaking as I was holding it and the wind kept blowing them out of position.  It was fun though!

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