Monday, June 21, 2010

First Craft Fair of the Season

I know its kind of late in the season to be starting craft fairs but because of my day job that is just the way that it has worked out.  I would have liked to have done some earlier ones but "say la v"  (thats my American spelling!) The wonderful Alamance County Arts Council hosted a family fun and art day.  Artists were allowed to set up out on the lawn.  I am so grateful that they allowed me to participate!

Last week I bought some new displays that I really like.  What I haven't figured out is how to arrange my booth.  Saturday I thought it looked pretty good but now that I'm seeing it through my camera's eye I can tell why I didn't have a ton of people interested...because it didn't look really inviting...or interesting!  Any ideas of what I can do to make it look more exciting?  This last picture I moved one of the displays to the middle in the back.  Before it was behind the sign. 


  1. Good for you Amber! It's not late in the season... fall is the best part of the season! I hope you have lots of luck with future shows, and you will build on your display as you go :)

  2. Thanks Laura! You've been such a big help! did you notice that I got some new displays from Roberts? Thanks for the tip!