Monday, April 4, 2011

First Friday Pictures

This is the few from my booth.  There were 2 other booths to the left but they packed up and left because the wind was so brutal.  I can't say that I blame them, been there and done that!

I tried a new display.  I used pvc chicken wire and zip tied it to my tent.  Then I attached a couple of framed pieces (I stopped with frames because I didn't want the tent to blow away and break all the frames in the process) 

Here is my most awesome booth ;) Brian is the cutie in the background.  I have to say that my booth was not very neat and tidy like normal.  I forgot one of my tablecloths and we had to tie the stripped table cloth so it would stay in place!  That of course left me with no where to put my luggage, as seen on the left.

I got a super cute new display for my bookmarks.  It spins but I had to weight it down with books so it wouldn't keep blowing over, and the books would let it turn.  Next time though! 

I hung most of my work with paper clips and clamps.  This was the first time I tried this and I really liked how it worked.  Most of the artwork was in frames but I took it out just to be safe.

I added a couple of new hearts.  They are 5x5 watercolor hearts.  I really like the blue one.

Another view from my tent. Poor Anitra, notice her tent top is gone!  It totally flew away, she caught it but instead of taking chances with it flying away again she just left the top off.  Shes got some really neat jewelry check her out here
Just in case you were wondering how things looked on Friday, I took a few pictures. :)  Next time I'll try to remember to take some pictures after it gets dark.  In case you are wondering why everything was soooo flat it was because it was so stinkin' windy that nothing would stay set up!  It was a lot of fun though and I really enjoyed having Brian there to help.  I also scored a fantastic pair of earrings by dk designs!  I'll post a picture later when I remember to take a picture....and my hair is washed!

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