Saturday, April 9, 2011

Scored a cute piece of work today!

This card was pasted onto the back of the frame

I went yard saleing with  my mom and my 4 year old today.  Can I just say that I LOVE GOING TO YARD SALES!  Today I got lots of good stuff for cheap including an original 4x4 oil painting.  It was in a really dark brown frame that I didn't think went with it at all, so I painted it white and it really brightens it up!  It had $2 on it I offered $1 but she countered with $1.50.  Her reason was it was a wedding gift from a friend and she really felt guilty selling it. Of course at that point I'm thinking you feel guilty selling it for $1 but $2 was ok? lol.  She was really nice though, and I'm glad I got a back story on it.


  1. I also love yard saleing!!! :) And don't you just love the feeling when you get an awesome deal?!

  2. I know! I got lots of good stuff this weekend. Even with all the mist/rain it turned out to be a good sale day!