Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jewelry by Dani Keith

Yesterday I drove out to Oak Ridge, NC with my sister in law, Rachel, and went shopping at the Keep It Local art show.  It was really cool....and is exactly what I want to do!  One day I will have a little artist haven in my own back yard!  I guess I should have started with how it was set up.  You pull up to two men in funny hats with signs that say Honk if you Love Art!  They point you to parking and then you walk down a long (but not too long) gravel driveway into the woods.   On the left is a cute home...and to be honest I can't remember it enough to describe it well, I just remembered thinking how cute it was.  On the right is a chicken coop, it made me feel right at home (my parents have chickens).  Then we walked into  an open grassy area where artists had set up their tents.  There was homemade salsa, jewlery, pottery and paintings.  Of course my favorite jewelry designer was there, Dani Keith (I did an interview with her a couple of posts ago)  I took some pictures of the jewelry I picked up :)  The earrings in my first hole I got last week when I stopped by her home but I got the heart, in the top of my ear, at the show and the ring too!  Pretty soon I'll be covered in her jewelry!  Her art makes me happy~

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